Implementing a remote access solution. Siemens Limited - a case study

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Owens, Miriam
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BA (Hons) Business Information Management
Portobello College
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The research for this study was collected first hand over a period of 12 months in which the RAS solution for the case study in question, an international company "Siemens Limited", was conceptualised and implemented. This study aims to outline the main considerations in implementing a project of this type, chronicle the progress of this project from start to finish, evaluate its success using first hand comments and opinions expressed by users in a custom designed questionnaire for this study and comment on the growing popularity of this sort of communications tool, i.e. mobile computing in the business environment today. As this paper is in essence a case study of the company, the majority of the information contained was gathered at source, i.e. from interaction with both project workers and eventual end users of the project and as such although where personal quotes are used footnotes have been inserted, many of the opinions formed are original observations and have not been transcribed. Data was gathered through direct involvement at every stage of the project as well as a result of interviews with project the project manager and involved personnel and as a result of the user questionnaire and primary data gathered at source and throughout the life of the project. All opinions, criticisms and recommendations contained herein are those of the author and are not a reflection of Siemens Ireland Limited.