An investigation into the home decoration market in Ireland

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Lecuyer, Charlotte
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BA of Business in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The focus of this dissertation is an investigation on the home decoration market in Ireland. The goal of this study is to determine if a market exists for home accessories which come from a company based in France. To determine if this market exists, the researcher was focused on determining if the home decoration market knows an important growth, and if there are some areas on this market which present opportunities. The researcher chose to use two different method tools to reach this investigation. First of all, in-depth interviews of specific retailers allow the researcher to get information on the expansion of the home decoration market. The information collected has been confirmed by the secondary research. The secondary research shows an opportunity on the home decoration market in particular on the home accessories market which record good results for tableware items. Secondly, the researcher chose a personally administered questionnaire, completed with respondents in person. The goal of this questionnaire is to analyze, the consumer’s preferences and attitudes. The results from the questionnaire learn to the researcher specific information about consumer’s preferences: about kind of products, favorite room, favorite style of interior…The opportunities on the home decoration market will be explained during this research.