Gestures of generosity : the Irish gift of life

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O'Dowd, Brendan
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BA (Hons) in Journalism
Dublin Business School
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In this day and age, it is very rare to receive a “no strings attached” gift. There are nearly always some hidden terms or conditions. Yet last year in Ireland, 141 people received a gift from a stranger that radically changed their life, 23 others got a priceless present from a loved one and countless others received an educational gift that money cannot buy but that will benefit Irish society for the next generation. In this feature series we will look at the generous gestures that Irish donors are making every day in our society and the recent public debates that they have spawned. From the 58 deceased donors that gave the gift of life to those waiting on the transplant list in 2010 to the silent teachers who donate their bodies to the future doctors and nurses of tomorrow. Author keywords: organ donation, transplantation, living donor programme, altruistic donor, presumed consent, opt-in, opt-out, medical science