The biometrics industry with emphasis on Ireland

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Buckley, Conor
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BA (Hons) in Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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On September 11th 2001, a terrorist attack was launched on the United States of America, targeting one city in particular - New York. Two planes were hi-jacked and flown into the Twin Tower Office block. The devastation caused was unthinkable and many lives were lost. In the aftermath of the tragedy the government of the United States began looking at developing an even higher level of security that would try and protect the country from further attack. It was decided then that Biometric Security would be the next level of security to be implemented on a wide scale. It was a year after the tragedy of 9/11 that I had to choose a topic for my dissertation. Biometrics had at this time in certain circles, something of a buzzword. Not a very well known buzzword but a buzzword no less. However to your average person the word biometrics more often than not returns a somewhat perplexed look. This is because most of the world is still not fully aware as regards Biometrics. I felt with the large number of Irish people ranging from business people to students to tourists travelling to the US, what effect would the emergence of Biometrics have on Ireland especially after 9/11. Even though at the time of print, the legislation has not yet been passed by congress, it is widely expected to be passed without any problems. This new legislation will ensure that every person entering the US will have a Biometric template and will be on record with the US government. Irish people may have to have their fingerprint or some physical trait recorded as they enter the US or another idea that was suggested was the idea of a smart card containing biometric data Implemented into a passport. One way or the other the push for biometric security will have an effect on Ireland and its people whether it is from travelling or the emergence of Biometric Organisations in Ireland.