Crisis communications – Keys to successful global crisis communications

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Noble, John
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Dublin Business School
DBS in collaboration with the Marist college in New York worked closely together on digital platforms to try to unravel the current health crisis through creative solutions and answers, so we can inspire people to do what’s best for public health, on a common and global scale. Introduced by Dr. Jennifer Robinette, Communications & Public Relations for the Marist College and endorsed by Rita Day, Academic Director for Business, Law and Marketing at DBS, John Noble championed this exciting project for its second year, by recruiting and engaging students across a multiple number of modules, in DBS, with Marist fellow students to combat “misinformation”. Four key pillars were addressed by both college students to develop Global Crisis Communications based on the problems and best- practices for persuasive communications. The first pillar a “Scavenger Hunt Padlet” to search around the world for communications about Covid 19. The second pillar involving “Team Formation” with a mix of students across both colleges, to create content on the Global Health Crisis. The third pillar, a planned “Ask the Expert” live Zoom event, where we recruited Fidelma Browne, the Assistant Director for Strategic Communications at the Health Service Executive Dublin, and Dr Siobhan Hinchy, General Practitioner in Dublin, to ask them questions about the Global Crisis Communications. The fourth and final pillar, the culmination of eight weeks of work by the students, to present in their teams, their learnings and insights, about the Global Crisis Communications, and present their solutions for successful communications during a global health crisis. All the student teams were encouraged to use any artifacts on the Scavenger Hunt Padlet as examples to illustrate patterns and trends from their research in their final presentations. Credibility, Consistency and Cultural Values are the keys to successful Global Crisis Communications. Andrew Gilman, President/CEO and founder of CommCore is an award-winning journalist and attorney summarised the Global Crisis Communications quite well…. “The secret of Crisis Management is not good vs bad, its prevent the bad from getting worse”.