Will an investment in omnichannel deliver value to an Irish telecoms company in a highly competitive market place?

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Kavanagh, Daniel
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The concept of Omnichannel has emerged in the last number of years and is an evolution of multichannel distribution strategies. Unlike multichannel strategies, it is more than just having multiple channels that customers can interact with, it is the idea that consumers view and interact with brands rather than the channels like retail or online etc., that they can start an interaction or transaction with a business in one channel and finish it in another. Consumers expect brands to have a full view of all interactions they have had with it and when this isn’t the case they have difficulty understanding why. This paper explores this concept from the context of a business operating in the highly competitive Irish telecoms market. It measures and examines consumer usage of omnichannel services in the Irish retail market, their expectations for the availability of the service from the business, demand for the service and its impact on customer satisfaction. Author Keywords: Omnichannel, Cross-channel, Retail, Multichannel Retailing, Multichannel coordination, Online selling, Supply chain, Customer satisfaction.