Adult attachment styles and personality traits : their influence on group cohesion within amateur sports teams

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O'Farrell, Patrick
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect that personality type and attachment style have on group cohesion within amateur sports teams. Pen and paper questionnaires consisting of four published questionnaires were administered to participants (N=68), both male (N=52) and female (N=16) using a convenience sampling. Results found that there was no statistically significant relationship between attachment styles and the four subscales of group cohesiveness (ATGS, ATGT, GIS, GIT), some negative significant relationships between the personality type Psychoticism and ATGS, ATGT and GIS, and a positive significant relationship between the personality type Neuroticism and GIS. The study finds that personality type appears to be a better predictor of group cohesiveness within amateur sports teams