Role of communication in maintaining quality and timely delivery of IT project activities

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Manjunath, Sagar
Issue Date
MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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Maintaining Quality and Timely Delivery of IT Project Activities. Communications play a major role in any project's progress. Communication skills are the main factor for project progress in any successful project where project management seemed to be completed. Therefore, in the case of medium complexity, maintenance project and innovation cycle, communication is very critical. Contact is described as "lively communicator addresses others and wins support," then contact encourages staff and audience as well as accessibility. Internal and external contact are very critical for project success. External communication is related with managing the flow of information or managing communication to satisfy the demands of external stakeholders, whereas internal communication is the interaction of employees inside the project. The research uses in-depth semi-structured interview, which is a qualitative method. Interviews involved project managers, Business Analysts, Data Architects from different IT organizations. The interviews were conducted through social platforms like LinkedIn, Google forms and then transcribed and analysed according to the thematic analysis. This research heavily focusses on how communication strategies can be effectively deployed in IT Projects? The researcher through secondary research, which is supported through primary research, acknowledges the need of two important theories that should be acknowledged by virtual team projects i.e. Diffusion theory and communication accommodation theory. Advancement in the present communication technologies such as slack, Ryver, Lync and Zoom has a more profound positive effect in the success and development of effective communication strategies. In conclusion, the researcher recognizes the importance of having an effective communication strategy to ensure IT projects are delivered in quality and timely manner and how the role of having new tools and technologies in place will help in designing an effective communication plan. The researcher also performs research on the features of some of the latest tools and technologies that are available in market and collects the feedback from industry experts on key barriers that will forbid IT companies to implement these future communication technologies.