An investigation into consumer behaviour across e-tourism

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Velluet, Anne-Claire
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BA of Business in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The researcher analyses the consumer behaviour of French people aged between 18 and 25 years old on airline websites. The aim of this dissertation is to understand feelings and attitudes of French student people about online airline market. In a second time, the researcher wants to analyse factors which influence this people to buy online. In relation to secondary researches, the author has reported some theories in books and academic readings to investigate this subject. A lot of stimuli and factors influence people to online purchase. Furthermore, the researcher will explore consumer behaviour in tourism and in more details the online purchase intention in e-tourism. Then, the author will organise a focus group to collect all the necessary data of French 18-25 years old about their experiences and their feelings on airline websites. The price is the main factor which attracts people to buy on airline websites. But others factors are also important, like the past experiences of relatives, or the service quality. Finally, the author will conclude with the help of all data collected during this research. This target audience is really influence by price in particular and sometimes in detriment of quality. Author keywords: e-tourism, tourism, consumer behaviour, airline market, marketing