The decentralising effects of De-Fi Technologies after consideration of economies of scale, example population Ireland

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McMahon, Clara
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MSc in Financial Technology
Dublin Business School
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The global financial services industry has undergone a significant structural overhaul due to technological advancements in recent years. This report aims to capture the challenges to market participants present in the emerging sub-sector of Irish De-Fi. Specifically, research aims to assess the presence of Economies of Scale or Economies of Scope as a form of Barrier to Entry of the global De-Fi sector for Irish market participants. The mixed-methodology approach largely focuses on qualitative themes of concern for Irish market-entrants and is supported where relevant by quantitative data regarding the comparative strength of foreign competitor firms. Results drawn from interview participants highlight barriers in the form of regulatory lacunas in the contemporary financial services sector and a lack of sector supports in comparison to foreign competitors. In consideration of these findings, the report stipulates the need for regulatory evolution and provision of increased educational supports to the De-Fi sector.