The value of relationship between trade unions and employees : a study concerning customer value and branding from public social insurances in Lower Saxony (Germany)

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Nils, Ihnken
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MBA in Business Management
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This study focuses on the parameters of the interaction between trade unions and employees of the public social insurance companies in Lower Saxony. Because of the decreasing number of trade union members the aim of the research is to assess the requirements and parameters of the individual interaction between employees and trade unions. Through empirical mathematical methods the interaction is assessed on different levels, i. e. a personal level between in-house representatives and employees and the brand perception of trade unions and employees. Further, the factor voluntary participation is discussed as a parameter related to loyalty caused by satisfaction. The findings of the study show that the interaction between both parties has emotionally driven elements although subgroups perceive trade unions in different ways. Some of the employees see a trade union as a more functionally driven institution with a primary task of protection. Other groups emphasise the importance of the possibility of participation. Further, the study shows a difference in interaction depending on an employee is member of a trade union or not. Author keywords: trade union, relationship marketing, branding, customer perceived value