Narcissism : exploring narcissism, age, fragility of self-esteem, and verbal aggression in Irish university students

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Barry, Emma
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The study aimed to explore the relationship between Age, Narcissism, Verbal Aggression, and the Fragility of Self-Esteem in Irish university students. Studies suggest that narcissism is a growing social issue and is related to aggression. A mixed quasi-experimental design was used to create mild frustration in the experimental group based on a difficult timed task. Questionnaires were used as standardised measure of the variables and an exploratory qualitative measure was used. The analysis found that narcissism was a significant predictor of verbal Aggression. The self-esteem of the participants was significantly altered by the task but not in the manner assumed. The findings support the current research on this subject and the population sample could explain the more inconsistent results.