Impact of emotional intelligence competencies on sales performance of employees in surgical trading firms in Pakistan

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Ali, Muhammad
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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Emotional intelligence is the ability to realize and understand one’s own emotions to understand other people’s emotional reactions which results in better, deeper and stronger relations. Establishing such relations with customers in a business to business environment would be hugely beneficial for the marketing efforts of such trading firms. In such business environments, sales people are generally responsible for maintaining a direct contact with the customers and if their emotional intelligence competencies have an impact on sales, it can improve the business. This research was conducted in Dublin, Ireland to see if there is any relationship of emotional intelligence of sales people with their performance. Three surgical trading firms from Sialkot, Pakistan participated in this research with a sample size of 50 professional sales employees mostly on higher positions in the firms. Primary data was collected based on a survey questionnaire of 75 questions and took on average 30-35 minutes to complete. Results were gathered and analyzed through IBM SPSS. Multiple linear regression was used to analyses the data. Results show a positive relationship between three emotional intelligence competencies and sales performance. Empathy (30.5% impact, p<0.05) had the most impact. Social management (24.2% impact, p<0.05) had the second most impact and then Self-management (27.5% impact, p<0.05) also having a noteworthy impact on sales performance on employees. These results cannot be generalized everywhere but they are enough to suggest that emotional intelligence do have an impact on sales performance. These findings can be employed by corporations to seek and hire emotionally intelligent employees as well as inform and train current people about emotional intelligence competencies to improvise their sales performance and overall outlook.