Bluetooth & existing wireless solutions

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Flynn, Robert
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BSc in Computer Science
Dublin Business School
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With the ever-increasing complexity and advances in technology comes a new type of wireless communication facility. Bluetooth is the name given to a wireless short-range radio wave communication technology aimed at removing the need for cables with a range of electronic devices such as laptop computers, PDA's, Digital cameras and many more. It was designed as a cable replacement communication medium to connect devices using one universal radio link. The key features of Bluetooth technology are: robustness, low complexity, low power and low cost. The following dissertation will explain the technical issues involved within the technology and how communication is possible between Bluetooth enabled devices. The main aim of this dissertation is to explain in detail the process of communication between these devices in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Once this has been achieved I will then analyse the competing technologies and the differences between Bluetooth and those of interest.