An investigation into the use of the internet as a recruitment tool

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Ni Bhriain, Ciara
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BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this dissertation is to examine the function of recruitment and to investigate in particular both the activity and the growth of using the Internet to recruit. It starts with a general overview of recruitment and the various 'traditional methods' available to employers. The evolution of the Internet itself and how Internet recruitment began is then discussed, to set the background for the study. The rising number of employers using the Internet to recruit are identified, with the help of secondary research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a survey carried out by MMXI Europe and various other surveys carried out by actual recruitment website owners themselves. The advantages that the Internet can offer to employers, such as lower costs, together with the drawbacks including the large volume of applicants which may be received, are identified and discussed. There is also an evaluation of the various Internet methods available to employers and recruiters, for example whether to use the company's own site, or use a media site, and the considerations employers need to take into account when choosing which method to use, in order to achieve success. Primary Research is carried out by means of a questionnaire, to determine how popular recruiting on-line is among Irish employers and to determine their overall experience and satisfaction. On the whole, Irish Employers appear very happy with it and all would use it again. However, among the conclusions reached was the fact that Internet recruitment is still not the first choice of employers, but its use is definitely on the increase, with the number of users found to be rising every year. The reason it is not the top recruiting choice, may be because it is still perceived to be mainly used for the IT sector, or perhaps employers are not taking the necessary considerations into account before deciding on which method of on-line recruiting to use. One of the key recommendations is therefore that employers consider all issues identified, before making a decision on which method to use.