The impact of emotional labour on workers in day harm reduction services

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Fabianowska, Joanna
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the research study was to understand how emotional labour impacts on workers employed in day harm reduction services. The study‟s theoretical framework was based on Hochschild‟s (1983) concept of emotion used as an instrument of labour in the workplace. The study had a qualitative design with in-depth interviews used as data collection method and purposive homogenous sampling approach. Having interviewed 10 workers, the data was transcribed, organised and analysed with the help of NVivo software. As a result, four themes were identified. They were as follows: emotions and professionalism, emotions, learning and training, emotions and reflective practice and emotions and gender. The research study found that emotional labour plays an important role in harm reduction services. Author keywords: Emotional labour, harm reduction, healthcare worker