Difference between digital marketing of Europe and Saudi Arabia

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Akther, Ihthisham
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This study has revolved around evaluating differences in "digital marketing practices" between Saudi Arabia and Europe by explaining various "digital marketing tools" used by "digital promotional agencies from these countries. Differences between the "digital marketing scenarios" of Europe and Saudi Arabia such as varied challenges existing in these countries, factors influencing the "digital promotional practices" of these two countries, are highlighted in this study. The "digital advertising sector" of Europe involves a high growth rate due to the high levels of technical awareness of the natives of the majority of EU countries. Moreover, "digital marketing environment" of Saudi Arabia includes slow growth rates for being an underdeveloped country and possessing poor technical skills. The poor economic condition of Saudi Arabia also causes the government of this country to offer limited funding support to the "digital marketers" that cause them to be unable to incorporate innovations within their "digital marketing practices". However, initiatives for increasing "digital awareness" of the country natives have been arranged by the Saudi government through organizing "digital awareness campaigns". Strategies such as conducting deep market research, adherence with data protection rules, are supposed to help "digital marketing agencies" from Europe and Saudi Arabia to enhance the quality of their "digital marketing practices".