The post-recession customer : a marketing perspective

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Luffarelli, Jonathan
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BA (Hons) in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Purpose of this Research: In order to help companies interested in elaborating their pro-active “post-recession” marketing strategies, this research investigates the post-recession customer. More precisely, this research focuses on the likelihood that consumer attitudes in relation to the purchase of groceries are going to change on the Irish market when the current recession ends. HypoFinal Year Project Tested in this Research: It is of the author’s opinion that current consumer attitudes in relations to the purchase of groceries on the Irish market will neither radically nor quickly change when the recession ends, because of the recession’s ingrained repercussions. Structure of this Paper: This paper is structured around 6 interrelated chapters: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Conclusion and the Recommendations and Further Research suggestions. Methodology of the Research & Reliability of the Data: In order to draw the conclusions on solid basis, the author uses a multiplicity of credible secondary sources. For the purpose of this research, primary data was collected through a cross-sectional descriptive research design. One hundred people were selected using quota sampling and surveyed through an interviewer-administered questionnaire.