When the game is up

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O'Connor, Cindy
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BA Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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This study provides an account of the lives of former female prostitutes in Dublin. It looks at the factors that led these women into working in prostitution, their experiences while they were there and what their lives are like since they have made their exit from prostitution. The study availed of the qualitative approach, using an unstructured questionnaire and in-depth recorded interviews. The findings of the study reveal the need for specialised services on a more extensive scale for women who are in the process of leaving, and for women who have already left prostitution. Structures need to be put in place to ensure that the women themselves become more involved in the design and provision of these services. The findings of the study show that for the three women interviewed their exit from prostitution was a gradual process, where they had returned to it in times of financial need, However, it has now been ten years for one woman since she returned, four years for the second and for the third woman it has been three years. All of the women agree that at this point 'The Game is Up'.