Age comparison of attitudes towards the LGBTQ community in Dublin

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Finnegan, Rebecca-Mai
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this research study is to compare and contrast the age groups when attitudes towards LGBTQI are compared, while likewise comparing the differences of opinion on this topic. Further study yielded information on Religion, education and gender which lead to three more hypotheses being created. The sample size for this study was 214. In order to compare groups the sample was re-coded into two groups, younger adults (113) and older adults (101). Quantitative analysis was used to compare these groups. The findings of this study did support the main hypothesis, but in contrast with previous research it was found that older adults have a more positive attitude towards LGBTQI people. This study then concludes that after reviewing the collected data and previous research, education and a change in Governmental Law and policies is what can help change attitudes towards LGBTQI people from negative to positive. Author keywords: Age, attitudes, LGBTQI, Dublin