Digital objects of contemporary culture and their impact on the earliest social bond

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Culbert, Deirdre
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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The mother-child bond is the earliest and most important relationship for the developing infant. In this critical phase of development, the interactions between the child and its environment, particularly with the mother, is the determining factor in the development of the child’s psychological wellbeing (Winnicott, 1965b, p. 49). “Digital Objects” in everyday life are changing behaviour patterns, in particular those of connection and communication. This study aims to explore early childhood development and maternal connection in view of digital object proliferation. It will seek to understand the influence of technology on human behaviour. The study will explore the Winnicottian concept of the mother-child dyad and his theoretical concept of play. The research will assess if the presence of digital objects is sufficient to disrupt the ‘good-enough’ environment in the child’s emotional development.