French and American women's soccer : evolution and comparison of markets. What are the differences between women's soccer market in France and in the USA?

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Lallemand, Aurore
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MA Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Purpose: Through this dissertation, the researcher will make a comparative analysis of the American and the French women’s soccer market. The aim of this comparison is to understand the development of both markets, highlight their strengths and their weaknesses and make recommendations in order. The researcher will try to show how to making money thanks to women’s soccer Methodology: The literature review allows the researcher to gain an important amount of knowledge marketing and cultural aspects of women’s soccer. The researcher also conducted a survey in France and in the USA thanks to a questionnaire reserved to persons involved in soccer. Finally she interviewed an expert in women’s soccer through a semi-structured interview. Findings: the American market is a model in matters of women’s soccer, but it has some weaknesses. Many strategies are implemented to market women’s soccer in the USA. French federation have to make efforts if it wants to properly commercialize the sport. Limitations: the researchers is not an expert in women’s soccer and lacks of experience in conducing interviews and survey. Practical implications: the markets, and in particular the French one have implement more effective strategies to succeed. Value of paper: the thesis will bring value for people how want to understand how to market women’s soccer and what are the areas for improvement. Author keywords: Women’s soccer, sports marketing