An experimental study into the effects of positive subliminal priming and its effect on peoples levels of happiness

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Jones, David
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This paper examines the area of subliminal priming and whether people can be subliminally primed for happiness. In the experiment a group of students were presented with an episode of The Simpsons television programme. Embedded in the programme presented below the participant’s conscious awareness were 19 visual positive affirmations, with the word “Happiness” appearing 13 times and the word “Joy” appearing 8 times. The students were required to complete three self report questionnaires, a SHS to determine happiness levels prior to priming along with the LOT-R and SWLS to measure satisfaction with life after priming. The results suggested that happiness is an enduring trait, not susceptible to subliminal priming and not easy to measure in a one off experiment. Author keywords: positive subliminal priming