Perceived body image, self-esteem and BMI among females attending a unisex and a mixed school

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Dunne, Fiona
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this experiment was to determine if there would be a significant difference in body image, self-esteem among females in mixed school and a unisex. The experiment used a repeated measures design. IV is the type of school attended, body mass index; DV is the body image, self-esteem. Participants consisted of 58 females, unisex school and 52 females, mixed school, and 79 males. Participants used the Body Shape questionnaire, Rosenberg Self-Esteem questionnaire and provided height and weight information. A t test showed that there was significant difference between the perceived body image for females, mixed school, and unisex school (t= 5.405, p< 0.01, two-tailed) and between self-esteem for females, mixed school and unisex school (t=-2.902, p<0.01, two-tailed).