Psychometric testing in Ireland - an investigation

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Tierney, Claire
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BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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It is believed that the interview alone, as a method of selecting candidates is unreliable when predicting future behaviour of new employees. Research has shown that acquiring a suitable employee with the necessary abilities or skills to do a particular job is not enough. The individuals personality and character needs to be taken into consideration to assess if the candidate will adapt and fit into the organisational culture. As the selection process has become more sophisticated with modem times, it is imperative that an individual is objectively selected when seeking for a position within an organisation. Psychometric testing is not designed to make the final decision about a candidate, it simply ensures that the recruiter gains a greater insight into the selection process and helps to make more of an informed judgement on each candidate. The costs of recruiting unsuitable employees to an organisation are vast in terms of expense and time wasted, therefore selecting the right employee for a job has become an increasingly important issue for employers in Ireland. This dissertation endeavours to investigate the use and practices of psychometric testing throughout workplaces in Ireland. Secondary research has been undertaken to assess how psychometric tests have evolved over the years, the types of tests available to organisations today, factors to consider when choosing a test and the validity of these tests. Primary research has been carried out to ascertain if psychometric testing is being used in the modem workplace in Ireland, and to gain an insight into common practices that are in place. Research indicated that the majority of organisations depending on their service sector are in fact using psychometric tests as a form of selecting candidates. For those organisations who utilise tests, it is apparent that the many practices which are inherent within these organisations are similar throughout diverse Irish workplaces.