Performance management systems help to reconcile the contradictions encountered by customer service representatives and influence the level of job satisfaction in the call centre industry

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Martin, Orlaith
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MA Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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This research project is an investigation into the effect a performance management system has on reconciling the contradictions met by call centre operatives and in resulting levels of job satisfaction. The study's aims and objectives were investigated using three methods of data collection. Firstly, a review of the relevant literature was carried out. Secondly, an unstructured group interview was held with 7 random volunteers and thirdly, questionnaires were distributed to all call centre employees who participate in a performance management system. Results were analysed to assess the impact performance management systems have on levels of job satisfaction and how the performance management system helps to reconcile contradictions inherent to a call centre based role. The results of the focus group and the questionnaires were consistent with the literature, in that the call centre work force is predominantly female. The researcher also found that contradictions or 'dual objectives' do exist, in particular, between the obligations placed on the CSA to perform cost effectively while remaining dedicated to providing quality customer service. The researcher also noted that a performance management system incorporating quantitative and qualitative measurements helps, to some extent, to reconcile those dual objectives. Furthermore, it was found that participation in the said performance management system contributes to job satisfaction levels. The call centre operatives surveyed have a mainly positive attitude towards both their role and towards the performance management system in place.