The impact of branding on consumers when applied to famous chefs, an overview in the specific case of France

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Ferrer, Marie
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Gastronomy is a wide subject, very common in France. Indeed, France in known abroad for its excellence in cuisine and its gastronomic restaurants. Through the years, gastronomy has evolved considerably in order to match new consumers’ behaviors and expectations. In parallel, the figure of the Chef evolved as well. According to experts, from an executant in restaurant kitchen, the Chef became a celebrity appreciated and well known by the general public. Consequently, the majority of them create their personal brand in order to build brand equity through different ways. So, the aim of this study is to determine what is the impact of those brands on French consumers in general. To answer to this question, the researcher used secondary and primary researches composed of questionnaires and interviews. The sample is based on French people interested in gastronomy. These methods aimed to collect reliable data through questionnaires in order to build trends and deeper understandings with interviews. Results from the primary research, confronted to experts’ visions allowed to draw some conclusions. Famous Chefs have positive and powerful impact on French consumers through their brands. Indeed, they have a real influence through different aspects of their brand. Nevertheless, this study has revealed different types of consumers and Chefs. Consequently, French consumers are impacted by Chefs’ brands to whom they refer to. Strategies and actions implemented are specific to the kind of Chef or consumer.