Group project - hotel system

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Quinn, Emma
Wallace, Tracey
Hennessy, Louise
Tahaney, Gemma
Issue Date
National Certificate in Computing (Level 2)
Dublin Business School
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We as a group of four computer students decided that the development of a new hotel system should be the objective of our final year group project. We are making an improvement on a previous manual system of filing cabinets. We chose to develop this system because one team member has experience of working in a hotel and another team member’s friend is working in her mothers' hotel. We received valuable information from both of these sources that without them our project would not have been as informative as what it is now. So with all this knowledge of the workings of a hotel we decided that this would be a great subject for our project. We thought that we would gain precious information and experience in the development of a computerized system, which hopefully would be of great importance in our future careers in the computer sector.