#Likes: Positive Instagram feedback, purpose in life and self-esteem

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Zhanna, Kalinina
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Instagram is the fastest growing social network site globally, yet, lamented as the most dam-aging form of self-presentation online. One hundred and twenty three 18-45 year olds com-pleted an online survey formerly created on Google Forms. The study employed both a be-tween subjects and a cross-sectional correlational design. Psychologically validated self-report questionnaires were utilised to elicit frequency of Instagram use, participant’s levels of self-esteem and overall sense of purpose in life. The principal objective of current study was to explore whether Instagram usage, total number of followers and Likes received are predic-tors of one’s self-esteem. Further gender differences were investigated to supplement previ-ous literature. Results demonstrated that female users scored significantly lower on self-esteem in contrast to males. The extent to which self-esteem is sensitive to positive feedback was found contingent upon individuals’ sense of purpose. This study uncovers purpose as a moderator of the self-esteem contingencies that primarily attenuates reactivity to positive stimuli.