An investigation of green marketing strategies within business-to-business organisations supplying wide range of chemicals. The case study of VWR International and National Chemical Company

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Palumbella, Giovina
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this study is to investigate how business-to-business organisations supplying a wide range of chemicals are investing in green marketing strategies and whether they are gaining competitive advantage. To answer the main research questions of the study, four researcher objectives were identified and a qualitative research was conducted. The study is based on a multiple qualitative case study of two organisations in the same industry that is the supply of wide range of chemicals. A semi-structured questionnaire was used as main instrument for collecting primary research data. It allowed the researcher figuring out what kind of green marketing strategies are implementing the two organisations and the reasons behind their decision. The findings of the study showed that the case company object of analysis, are actually investing in sustainable initiatives and in green marketing strategies. Furthermore, they are implementing sustainable activities within their organisations and supply chain management. Therefore, they are reacting to the challenging greening environment by taking actions aimed to optimize the impact on the environment. Through this study, the researcher was able to identify the main similarities and differences between the two case company analysed: VWR and National Chemical Company. Both are reacting to the challenging greening environment by investing in green marketing practices within their organisation. However, the attitude towards the sustainability is different. Finally, the results of this research revealed that the implementation of sustainable activities and green practises leads organisations supplying wide range of chemicals to gain competitive advantage in terms of differentiation. Author keywords: Green marketing, green marketing strategies, green chemistry, marketing mix, sustainability, business-to-business, competitive advantage, differentiation