Irish food brands: a shopper perception study towards loyalty

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Silva, Julio Cesar
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MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
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In view of the positive development of the Irish brand's reputation in the food industry, the purpose of this research is to investigate the loyalty potentiality for Irish food brands in Dublin. The study initially explores the loyalty potentiality in the food industry and go further by examining the spheres of country of origin, quality, health, taste and price in connection with the Irish food brands. In order to realise that investigation, a questionnaire was administered to collect data in Dublin of 103 food shoppers between June and July of 2016. It was discovered that 1 in 6 respondents is loyal to food brands, and that 1 in 4 consumers is predisposed to consider purchasing Irish food brands. However, these findings rely entirely on the consumer's perception and the spheres studied. Nonetheless, the authentic findings elicited from the shopper's perspective can assist Irish food companies on better allocating their resources to create better value. Additionally, no prior research has measured the loyalty degree of shoppers for Irish food brands. In that quest, based on previous research, the conceptualisation of a construct to measure the loyalty potentiality of the food industry was realised, which can adaptively probe any market. Author keyword: Irish food brand, quality perception, loyalty