The age of the female beauty democratization: An exploration of women’s behaviour toward fashion brand adverting in the French market

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Picchi, Noémie
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The concept of female beauty democratization is a complex and wide subject. It concerns a growing number of publications in the media (social networks, advertisements, magazines...) representing women outside of the ideals criteria of beauty dictated by our society. Indeed, fashion brands are using more and more models that represent natural female beauty, including more diversity (about the age, the ethnicity, the size…). Since this phenomenon has grown, it is important for brands to know more about it, and understand the possible effect of this practice on the company. So that is what this thesis is about. To answer to this subject, 3 objectives have been established: the first one aim to better understand the trend, the second and the third one aim to better understand women’s reaction toward fashion brands that follow this trend. At the end of this work, we should know better how this practice can impact the brand image and the company’s market share. The achievement of the research objectives will be possible thanks to the data analysis of the literature review, the focus group with eight French women, and the one to one interview with an international beauty blogger Sinéad Kavanagh. The results have confirmed that the female beauty democratization trend is an important concept that brands should care about. The practice can have a really good impact on brand’s image, as the brand is perceived as authentic and true. The practice increases the customers’ sympathy feeling toward the brand. However, it might not lead to an increase in sales in all the case. Brands have the opportunity to improve their communication strategy by adapting their advertising to this trend.