An investigation into how the virtual value chain can be used effectively in the aviation industry, with specific focus placed on the maintenance, repair and overhaul sector

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O'Farrell, Maureen
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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Regardless of industry sector, competitive advantage remains the nirvana of all organisations. "The successful evolution of any company is predicated on its ability to use information to its strategic advantage" (Marks, 2002: i). However, before the value of information was recognised by organisations and viewed as a strategic resource, inconsistency abounded with regard to its implementation. Now that such a haphazard attitude has been displaced and the real value that information and the systems that store the information is recognised, organisations can implement effective strategies to attain their ultimate goal The Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Sector of the Aviation Industry is no different. Undergoing much change recently, the businesses within this sector "must rethink how it looks at, invests in, and uses information technology in order to deal with and survive constant change" (Marks, 2002: x). This research thesis analyses how the Virtual Value Chain, a mechanism to identify the efficient use of information within an organisation and with its external stakeholder, can be used effectively within the Aviation Industry, with specific focus placed on the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Sector and provides recommendations on how such organisations can command information in order to forge successful futures.