An investigation into the existence and structure of Irish public art museums’ online collections

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Hurley, Aisling
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MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation aimed to examine public art museums and galleries online collections that are available to the public and the quality of those collections. The research was completed using an online survey, sent to public art museums and galleries in the Republic of Ireland. Sampling was unnecessary due to the size of the population. The survey contained questions relating to online collections and their structure. Opinion on issues relating to collections and the impact of Covid-19 on online services were also surveyed. It was found that a slightly greater amount of the museums surveyed did not have an online collection. The greatest problems found in maintaining and creating were a lack of funding, staffing, and training. These issues are leading to a low level of online collections and a huge variation in the quality of their designs. Despite these issues, it was found that there is still a high priority and interest in creating an online collection for Irish public art museums.