How the factors of “social commerce constructs”, “perceive usefulness”, and “trust” shape the “intention to buy” of millennials

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Yakimets, Anna
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This study was conducted in order to understand how social factors shape purchase intention in social commerce among millennials. According to the research, social commerce constructs, namely reviews, communities, recommendations and social media influencers, have an impact on perceived usefulness, which in turn creates trust among consumers. Finally, the trust generated through these constructs leads to the intention to buy on social commerce sites. While this model has been previously tested, this study makes an important contribution. First of all, the research results demonstrate that social media influencers can be in fact considered as a part of social factors that affect consumer behavior in social commerce. Secondly, each individual construct has proved to shape purchase intention, as opposed to the overall concept of social commerce constructs. Finally, reviews & ratings turned out to have the strongest impact on consumers among all other constructs, whereas social media influencers the lowest.