Publishing the ITT Short Story Competition without a budget

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Connolly, Gerard
Walker-Headon, Niamh
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IFLA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Library Publishing
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Since 2016, the Library at IT Tallaght (ITT) (now TU Dublin – Tallaght Campus) has been running a short story competition in conjunction with South Dublin Libraries’ Red Line Book Festival, open to anyone in the world over the age of 16. From the start, library staff felt it was important that the ten shortlisted entries from each year should be collected in an anthology, both as a document of the event and a means of promotion for the IT Tallaght and Red Line Book Festival brands. Since funding for the competition did not extend to a major publishing project, the staff chose to explore the opportunities provided by online self-publishing services to gradually nurture interest in the competition and expand its reach globally. This paper gives a brief outline of the origins of the competition, explains how the authors came to choose Kindle Direct Publishing as a platform and shows how the publishing element has become an integral part of the annual library workflow. The authors conclude with the view that the continued appearance of the stories in print will prove to be a key element in establishing the competition within the global writing community.