Impact of E-Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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Antony, Gibson
Issue Date
MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
This quantitative study explores the impact of E-Banking Service Quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty in the realm of internet banking. With a diverse sample of 120 active electronic banking users, the research aims to evaluate different dimensions of E-Banking Service Quality, measure its influence on customer satisfaction, and investigate its relationship with customer loyalty. The study employs a robust research design, utilizing a quantitative survey strategy with closed-ended questions distributed online. Demographic analysis reveals a balanced representation of gender, a predominant reliance on electronic banking among the 18-35 age group, and diverse occupational and educational backgrounds. Results indicate a significant positive correlation between E-Banking Service Quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Regression analyses highlight the critical roles of user-friendliness and customer support in influencing satisfaction and loyalty. The findings contribute actionable insights for financial institutions to enhance their digital offerings, ensuring competitiveness and building lasting customer relationships in the evolving landscape of digital banking.