Think about kink : how worldview affects sexual practices

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Marren, Colm
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study investigated how mass media can affect sexual practices by looking at BDSM participation pre- and post-2012 when Fifty Shades of Grey was released. It also investigated the level of conservatism between BDSM participants and non-participants, as well as in-group conservatism differences for the BDSM sample. A sample of 161 individuals were analysed using an amended Social and Economic Conservatism Scale (SECS), with results showing that almost 30% of the sample with BDSM experience introduced BDSM since 2012, with females introducing it considerably more often since 2012. Results also showed that pre-2012 BDSM participants were significantly less conservative than post-2012 BDSM participants, but that there is no significant difference in conservatism between BDSM participants and non-BDSM participants. Results verify that the mass media influences sexual practices and that Fifty Shades of Grey attracted a newer more conservative group to the BDSM community. Implications involve the powerful role of mass media in changing social norms. Author keywords: Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM, Dominant, Submissive, Liberal, Conservative, Political, SECS, Bondage, Masochism