To analyse the impact of business intelligence on business/corporate travel domain

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Gaur, Mudit
Issue Date
MBA in Information Systems
Dublin Business School
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Business Intelligence has evolved over the years and its tools and techniques help in converting data into meaningful information which then help the management to make informed decisions. Business intelligence has been helping in process improvements in various sectors like healthcare, banking, education etc. but it usage and impact in Business travel domain is still not truly recognized. Business travel has been growing at a rapid pace due to growth in economies across the world and globalization. However, this increase in data possess various issues for business travel management managers and analyst. The business travel management organizations are still not able to leverage the true potential of business travel data available to improve the business travel process. This study aims to identify and analyze the impact of Business intelligence tools and techniques on business travel domain through clear and concise set of aims, objectives and research question. The study uses a case study as research strategy by taking one of the organization which is world leader in business travel management. The study includes in-depth interviews of 5 experts on integration of business travel and business intelligence to draw appropriate conclusion through inductive and critical discussion. Further, the study presents the recommendation for organizations and further studies who wish to explore the topic of Business intelligence and Business travel integration.