The impact of developmental language disorder on overall child development: Speech and language therapists’ perspectives

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Tuite, Fiona
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Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Introduction: This study investigates Speech and Language Therapists’ (SLTs) perspectives on the impact of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)on overall child development. Research on this topic to date has used mostly quantitate or mixed methods approaches. This research can help provide education to parents and teachers of children with DLD and ensure appropriate support is provided to the children themselves. Methods: This was a semi-structured interview qualitative research study. Five SLTs who each had experience of working with a minimum of four children with DLD took part in the study. The data collected was analysed using NVivo-12 software using a thematic networks analysis framework proposed by Attride-Stirling (2001). Results: Four global themes emerged from the data: Psychological Factors, Educational Factors, Social Factors and Mitigating Factors. Discussion: The results of this study mirror previous results which show that many other aspect of a child’s life outside of their language skills can be impacted by having DLD. Conclusion: The findings from this research have implications for how DLD is understood and treated. It suggests a need for greater understanding of the disorder and greater collaboration between professionals.