Are offshore multicultural call centre employees' perceptions an obstacle in delivering service Total quality management?

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Bichaut, Christophe
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The expectations of employers and their employees, and the influence that managers have in delivering service Total quality management in a multicultural environment, varies considerably as a result of the cultural forces to which managers are subjected. The main purpose of this dissertation was to test if an offshore multicultural workforce represented a greater obstacle in the delivery of service Total quality management than a local national workforce. This paper is built around multicultural employees, managers and an offshore call centre that highlight a set of particular social circumstances and individuals. It explores the potential risks of multicultural employees' perceptions in delivering service Total quality management over facilities for offshore call centres. In the first part of the document, a review of key words and definitions such as culture, multicultural, offshoring, and service Total quality management is undertaken. A review of the literature is undertaken in relation to cross-cultural employees' expectations and international managers' competencies. Business research has largely relied upon Hofstede's dimensions to cultural problems. The literature review explores and discusses alternative theorists such as Trompenaars or Hall's taxonomy. Employees' multicultural values (communications, religions, values, ideologies, education and social structure) will be covered and the 'required' managerial skills competency within an offshore multicultural workforce will be examined. In the second part, the results obtained from the implementation of two various primary data collection methods will be analysed and communicated, namely: 1) A self-administered questionnaire, 2) Face to face interviews will be analysed and discussed. This aims to help managers to understand and respond to multicultural employees' expectations. Keywords: Call Centre, Competencies, Corporate, Cross-cultural, Culture, Diversity, Employee, Expectations, Globalisation, Language, Leader, Management, Multicultural, Multi-national, Motivation, Off shoring, Outsourcing, Overseas, Perceptions, Service Quality, Skills, Workplace.