Marketing Communication on Instagram: How Instagram is influencing the Irish fashion industry and the impact of influencers/bloggers on Irish fashion brands

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Oliveira Alves, Juliana
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This thesis investigates the influence of Instagram on the Irish fashion industry and how influencers and bloggers are impacting fashion brands in Ireland. The conducted research explores the Irish fashion industry and the influencer community, and describes the link between brands and influencers, as well as customers, which generates brand awareness and sales growth. Primary and secondary data were employed to gather information. The researcher used a mixed methods approach to collect primary data, involving semi-structured interviews with influencers and fashion brands, and an online survey with 155 fashion customers. All the data was collected and then analysed carefully by the researcher. The research findings revealed that Instagram is playing a significant role in the fashion industry and has become an essential tool for Irish fashion brands. It also found that there is a strong relationship between brands, influencers, and customers. These findings supported the research questions: “How is Instagram impacting the Irish fashion industry in terms of brand awareness and sales growth?” and “How are Irish fashion bloggers/influencers affecting consumer behaviour?”