Understanding the economic impact terrorism has on the destination decision making : Northern Irish tourists

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Raithatha, Yash
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study is to understand perceptions of Irish tourist with respect to tourist destinations that have faced a terrorist attack in recent years. This study focuses on Paris where terrorism incidents occurred and aims to understand how these attacks affect tourists’ perception in Ireland. There is a need to conduct studies in relation to impact of terrorism on tourism as tourism is considered to be one of the important sources of economic activities and income for individuals and economies in modern world. Although there is significant amount of literature focusing on impact of terrorism, however, majority of the studies lack a perspective from tourists. Although it is important to study economic impacts of terrorism using economic indicators, yet it is also important to understand how individual tourists are affected by such incidents. This study conducted a focus group consisting of six participants. Data collection method was a questionnaire that contained closed ended and open ended questions. The results of the study indicate that terrorism has a significant impact on tourists’ choice of destination. Within the context of Paris, terrorist attacks in Brussels have affected Paris’ brand as a tourism destination. This study also found that media coverage, particularly negative media coverage also have significant impact on tourists decision making process. Within the context of Paris this study found that perception of risk increases due to terrorist’s attacks however, general perception of risk is typically higher than actual risks. Tourists develop a positive opinion about terrorist affected area and majority of the tourist feel safe in Paris despite terrorist attacks. This study recommends that marketing and branding campaigns are critical for Paris to recover its position as a safe and attractive tourist destination in the world.