An analysis of staff retention in the Irish Celtic Tiger economy

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Healy, Alice
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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The topic chosen for this dissertation is that of the issue of staff retention in the Celtic Tiger economy first made its appearance on the Irish economic landscape in 1994. This dissertation concentrates particularly on the reasons why this issue which traditionally has been perceived as a relatively minor HR issue in Irish industry has, in recent years, been elevated to the forefront of agendas in many boardrooms across the country. The response of Irish employers to date is examined and the reasons behind the exodus of employees departing from their employers is also explored. An analysis of the winners and losers in what has been termed ‘The War for Talent’ - has been undertaken and the results reveal that employers lose out not only financially but in terms of lowering of morale amongst the staff who remain. Some employers win from the recruitment of key staff but this victory is brief as it appears that it is only a matter of time before valued staff depart for the allure of enhanced benefits with a competitor. This report also examines the retention methods that have been used to date and discusses some of the newer methods that have appeared in recent years. The primary research undertaken consists of three personal interviews. The information gained from these interviews demonstrate the reaction of three prominent Irish employers to this issue and their methods they use for retaining their staff. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations made in Chapter six.