An exploration of the factors that influence consumer decision-making process amongst 18-30 years old young women in terms of healthy food

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Melis, Marta
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Women are extremely concerned about eating healthy, and they tend to find solution in order to satisfy this need. However, the wide range of eating alternatives presented as healthy, as well as the huge amount of information about them, generate confusion about what is healthy and what is not. The current paper examines what healthy food is and what women mean for healthy food, basing on the hypothesis that women are not able to choose healthy food because they are confused about what is healthy. In order to examine the attitude of women towards healthy food, focus groups discussions have been organized. Within these focus groups, women were invited to share their thoughts and opinions. The discussion have been recorded, coded and then transcribed in order to classify the findings. The research method selected is the mono-method qualitative. The findings confirm that women are still confused regarding healthy food because of some beliefs or of no clear information. Moreover, some factors impede young women to adopt the habit of eating healthy. However, women show so much active interest in understanding how to eat health, that there are good premises that they will be able to identify healthy food very soon. Author keywords: Healthy food, young women, explorative