Is Depression a factor for suicide? If so when does it become an option for a young adult? Are there predictive signs that once the red flag is waved increases the possibility of things we can do to help that may prevent tragedy?

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Callis, Deirdre
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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With more deaths recorded than road traffic accidents in 2006, suicide is fast becoming one of Ireland's main killers. Figures recorded in excess of 400 for completed suicide in 2006 and 11,000 for reported parasuicide each year the topic of Suicide and Selfhann has eventually begun to be taking seriously at Government level (C.S.D, 2006). Suicide "'the wilful taking of one's own life"(passer & Smith, 200112004, p.532). We as Irish citizens need not only be aware of the current statistic's, we also need to try to understand what push's our young adults of today to wilfully engage in such an irreversible act? The aim of the current study is to examine suicide ideation in the young adult population in relation to depression and hopelessness in a bid to further examine if there are predictive signs that may lead to future suicide ideation. A survey of 90 respondents, aged between 17 years and 23 years both male and female, examined the aforementioned variables. The respondents classed them selves into either self reported suicide group or self reported non suicide group. Three Beck inventories were used to facilitate cross referencing of information in the case of bias completion of the self administered questionnaires, which proved vital in the end to the current research. Statistical information was retrieved paying particular attention to certain items on each instrument that may suggest the identification of covert signs of depression and hopelessness that may lead to future suicide ideation. This was interrupted in light of previous literature in this area and suggestions for future research were also illustrated.