A Web Application for a Call Center's Technical Support Department

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Malone, David
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (Software Development)
Dublin Business School
This project is aimed to revolutionize how an internet provider handles the technical issues reported by their customers. Typically, when an internet connection is lost, intermittent or slow, the customer needs to ring the technical department for assistance, waiting in virtual queues to be connected to an available agent. The agent is generally highly stressed, as this is a highly stressful and repetitive job. It involves continuously appearing to be content, professional and calm while speaking repetitively to irate customers, following repetitive scripts and ensuring the calls are kept to as minimal time as possible. This project provides a solution, it is a Web Application that prompts users to select their issue and input the data required to troubleshoot. The software prompts and gathers required information from the user, the same questions and answers that the call centre agent would have gathered over the phone. The project results have been highly promising. With efficiently functioning forms in place to gather the required data and optional user registration, it is promising to be deployed and highly effective in a professional setting.