To investigate consumer brand loyalty in the Irish clothing industry (case study - Zara)

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Gujarathi, Krunal
Issue Date
MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
Purpose – The ever changing market dynamics, customer preferences & choices, never ending advertisements, constant new updates, hourly discounts, lucky draws, loyalty programs, who dressed best, best sellers, out of stock , restocked , last few hours and the list goes on. The apparel market will not exist without the use of these words. It’s fascinating to see how a brand that used to sell only in your locality today is a Global brand and its keeps growing. However, it has its own set of problems. Branded products are often considered to be trustworthy. Brand loyalty promotes branded products that in addition generate revenue for a company and add value to the brand. However, brands are often are subject to change. Design/Methodology/ Approach – A survey was conducted to collect information on various factors that contribute to brand loyalty from the consumers . To evaluate the role of leadership in brand loyalty and brand management, interviews were conducted of the store managers from Zara. Findings – Most of the participants who took part in the interview were female consumers. The findings reflected various factors involved in brand loyalty and the role of leadership. Research Limitations/implications – Due to the less amount of time, this research is only based on the data collected in Dublin, Ireland. The findings and implications are subject to change if the location is changed or the same research is carried out at a different time. Originality/Value – This research discussed the role of leadership in brand management in Dublin, Ireland. Author keywords: Brand loyalty, brand strategy, supply chain, marketing