Orientation of Ireland charitable organizations towards Non-EU student’s volunteerism

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Muppalla, Narendra Babu
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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International students come to Ireland with a motive to study and practice their expertise through volunteering. Ireland accommodates increasing number of Non-EU students over the years. Existing studies on student volunteering in Ireland are generic and they hadn’t explicitly focused on Non-EU students volunteering in a unique context. This study is specific to Ireland charitable organizations perspective towards Non-EU student’s volunteerism and how they are leveraging social and economic contributions of these students. A qualitative research is adopted for this study. Interviews were conducted with volunteer managers working in Ireland charitable organizations to get their perspective towards NonEU students, how they can influence Non-EU students towards volunteering, how do they approach, motivate and retain these international students etc. Results derived from the research shows that the charitable organizations are overwhelmingly inclined towards Non-EU student’s contribution as volunteers however there still challenges exist in recruitment and retaining the student volunteers.