Exploratory study: Project management in scrum IT project

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Lee, Melissa
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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Scrum does not provide full coverage of all software development activities, especially not for larger projects and the gaps had to be filled with complementary activities from standard development approaches. Some organizations had effectively embraced Agile, harvesting benefits such as reduced costs, higher-quality systems, and more satisfied software development staff and customers, while others had experienced significant problems and even project failures directly attributable to the transition to Agile. It is due to that not all aspects of project management that are considered in PMBOK, are covered in Scrum. To a certain degree, Scrum covered some aspects of project management such as Scope and Time Management; however as a project that exists in an environment that broader than the project itself, there are other aspects of project that are both crucial and require management. Thus, in order to promote project success, a project running Scrum may require to consider the aspects of project management in PMBOK to be taken into account. Depending on several factors, implementation of project management aspects from PMBOK into Scrum project may vary. The factors are depending on, but not limited to participant’s experience in managing project, depth of knowledge on the importance & impact of PMBOK knowledge areas on project’s success and the project’s needs. The purpose of this study was to understand the aspects of project management that are considered in PMBOK, specifically the knowledge areas, and Scrum, and analyse where each framework fit/stand among each other by recognising their differences, lack-off, interrelations, mutual exclusivities or complementary characteristics, to explore the right incorporation between the two, in order to drive a successful IT project. The conclusion of this research will help project manager that is transitioning to Scrum to recognise that Scrum does not covered all aspects of project management and he/she will still need to oversee the uncovered aspects. Author's keywords: PMBOK, Project management, Agile, Scrum, IT Project.